Kierra Lewis, a prominent BookTok influencer, has significantly impacted the online literary community with her engaging and often provocative content. Her rise to fame on TikTok, particularly within the niche of sports romance novels, has garnered her a substantial following.

The Seattle Kraken, an NHL team, recognized the potential of this burgeoning community and decided to engage with it, leading to a unique crossover between BookTok and hockey fandom.

This interaction, however, took an unexpected turn, resulting in a controversy that highlighted the complexities of social media engagement and the boundaries of fan behavior.

Kierra Lewis: The BookTok Influencer

Kierra Lewis and the Seattle Kraken
Kierra Lewis and the Seattle Kraken

Kierra Lewis, a BookTok influencer with over a million followers, has made a name for herself by discussing “spicy book talk,” a subgenre focusing on sports romance novels.

Her content often features playful and raunchy commentary on relationships between athletes and other characters, which has resonated with a large audience.

The crossover between BookTok and hockey fandom became evident as Kierra’s enthusiasm for the Seattle Kraken’s players, who often resemble characters from these novels, further boosted her popularity.

Seattle Kraken: Embracing the Fandom

The Seattle Kraken’s social media team saw an opportunity to engage with the BookTok community and leaned into it by changing their TikTok bio to “mostly booktok” and posting content that catered to this audience.

They even invited Kierra Lewis to a Stanley Cup playoff game, recognizing her influence and the potential to attract a new fanbase.

This engagement included playful interactions and content that resonated with the BookTok community, such as featuring players with popular romance novels.

The Controversy: When Viral Goes Too Far

The relationship between the Seattle Kraken and the BookTok community took a troubling turn when explicit and sexualized comments about player Alexander Wennberg began to surface.

Both Wennberg and his wife, Felicia, publicly asked fans to stop posting such content, highlighting the harassment and objectification they were experiencing.

The situation escalated when Kierra Lewis, instead of apologizing, defended her actions, which further fueled the controversy.

This incident underscored the power of social media echo chambers and the real-world impact of online content.

Impact on the Seattle Kraken and NHL


The controversy had significant implications for the Seattle Kraken’s brand and image. The team, which had initially embraced the BookTok community, found itself at the center of a heated debate about fan behavior and the responsibilities of social media engagement.

The NHL and the broader sports community reacted to the incident, with many calling for a reevaluation of how teams interact with online fan communities.

The Kraken eventually removed all BookTok-related content from their social media platforms, signaling a retreat from this particular engagement strategy.

People also ask

What is BookTok? 

BookTok is a popular TikTok community where users discuss, review, and promote books. It has become a significant platform for book recommendations and literary discussions.

Who is Kierra Lewis? 

Kierra Lewis is a BookTok influencer known for her content on sports romance novels. She has over a million followers and has become a prominent figure in the BookTok community.

How did the Seattle Kraken engage with BookTok? 

The Seattle Kraken engaged with BookTok by changing their TikTok bio to “mostly booktok,” posting content that catered to this audience, and inviting Kierra Lewis to a Stanley Cup playoff game.

What led to the controversy involving Alexander Wennberg? 

The controversy arose from explicit and sexualized comments about Alexander Wennberg posted by BookTok users. Both Wennberg and his wife publicly asked fans to stop, citing harassment and objectification.

What was the Seattle Kraken’s response to the controversy? 

The Seattle Kraken removed all BookTok-related content from their social media platforms and scaled back their engagement with the BookTok community.

Final Words

The incident involving Kierra Lewis and the Seattle Kraken serves as a cautionary tale about the complexities of social media engagement.

While the initial interaction between the team and the BookTok community was positive, it quickly spiraled into controversy, highlighting the need for clear boundaries and responsible fan behavior.

The lessons learned from this incident underscore the importance of balancing engagement with respect and consent in the digital age.

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