The Tragic Events of 2005

One night in March 2005, a young girl named Tia Hernlen Donna went through something very scary. She was only 5 years old when she heard loud noises and found her parents hurt in their room. Tia was brave and called for help, telling the person on the phone what happened. Sadly, her mom didn’t make it, and her dad passed away the next day.

After the Sad Event

Tia Hernlen 911 when she is only 5 Years old
Tia Hernlen 911

People in the town came together to help Tia. They made a fund to give her money for the future. Tia’s parents loved her a lot and always did things with her. The sad news made Tia’s relatives very upset. They thought the people who were supposed to keep Tia’s family safe didn’t do enough. Tia’s mom had been worried about a man who was bothering them.

Where is Tia Hernlen Now?

Now, Tia is in her 20s and lives in Florida. She wants to keep her life private, so she changed her name in 2018. When Tia was younger, the law kept her safe from the public. She still keeps her life secret now that she’s grown up. Even though she had a tough time, Tia is strong.

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Tia Hernlen’s Net Worth

No one knows how much money Tia has. Some people guess she might have a lot, like $50 million, but that’s not sure. It’s good to let Tia have her privacy.

Tia goes to college and gets money to help pay for school because she does well in her classes. She seems to care a lot about learning and wants to do well in her job in the future.

Tia in the News

A lot of news places talked about the call Tia made for help. They showed how calm she was and how well she explained things, even though she was very young. There isn’t a movie just about Tia, but her story is told on news shows and crime stories.

People also ask

What happened to Tia Hernlen’s parents?

Tia Hernlen’s parents, Julie and Aeneas, were tragically shot in their home by David Edward Johnson, who then committed suicide.

What happened to Julie and Aeneas Hernlen?

Julie Hernlen died at the scene, while Aeneas Hernlen passed away after receiving treatment. The motive was a mistaken retaliation.

Final Words

Tia Hernlen’s story shows us how strong and brave people can be. Even though she went through something very sad when she was little, she has become a person who likes to keep her life to herself. Her story helps us remember that it’s important for people to help each other and that we need good ways to keep everyone safe so that bad things don’t happen.